Virus Free downloads

(We scan these with Vipre and Malwarebytes)

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Download – Remote Support

Download – CD Burner XP

Download – CCleaner

Download  –  Disk2vhd


Advanced Free Image Editor

Download – Gimp

Photo and deleted file recovery tools

Download – Remote Support

Download – Pandora recovery

Download – Recuva recovery

Download the Remove_MS_Remove windows 10 update Nag and unzip. Right click on the “Remove_MS_Upgrade_To_10_Nag” and run as administrator. This will remove all of the windows 10 upgrade notifications.

In the Store, we have included many free downloads and links to the full version of the software.   We have done this to help clients find a safe place to download common tools that are often on websites that have infections, phishing or are very complicated to navigate. You will find they will require registration to download, this will be a one time inconvenience, but helps us to determine what people need, how often to update, and also a way to define the user groups that may need assistance with common issues.

Rest assured, your data is safe with us. We do not use clouded storage and the servers are on a well secured property. Thank you, Please share with us your thoughts on how we can improve our relationship and your experience using the form below.

Sincerely Chris Rhoades