“Value and Values”

As a lifetime member of the Snake River community, I have a real connection and understanding of the challenges that face small and medium sized business in todays volatile economy.

Our goals include improving and facilitating our clients productivity and capability, by matching technology and process, empowering you to be more agile and proactive.

We are also very community oriented and believe keeping your data and critical systems in the hands of people you can trust, and avoid using large clouded options. We believe your business data is the backbone of your company, and will do all we can not to inject the “out of our hands not our problem” mentality that seems to be standard operating procedure for so many I.T. companies today.

With product and service offerings, provided by local companies and support personel, we believe we are far more capable of bringing lasting relationships and lower TCO to you, our local clients.

We specialize in bringing  custom solutions and products. We try to bring the best value to our customers, by looking for the best refurbished hardware we can find, and updating it to meet the requirements of the environment. We can increase your productivity and decrease your TCO by more than 50%.

Technology changes so fast today, but the reality is, most business and home users do not need new equipment, just the right equipment. By finding high end refurbished hardware, we can bring state of the art products for pennies on the dollar.

Please give us a try, If you are looking for special products, let us find them for you. we will get you the best deal and offer the long term support that is required today to maintain productivity and minimize down time.

In the near future we will be offering locally stored and operated solutions for email, web hosting and off site disaster recovery programs. please check back often to see latest products and services.

Keep Up The Good Fight

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